After-hours emergency phone number: 403-536-7082

If you are experiencing an emergency such as loss of heat, flooding, no electricity, or fire (call 911 first) during our regular office hours, please call 403-536-7080.

Our regular business hours are Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. We are closed on weekends and statutory holidays.

***In any emergency, please remove yourself from the present danger before making any phone calls.

What is an after-hours emergency?

An after-hours emergency is one of the following situations:

  • Fire – call 911 first, then call Blue Jean’s after-hours number (403-536-7082).
  • Flooding
  • No Heat
  • Loss of Power to the Building

We request that only emergencies listed above be called into the after-hours line. All other issues should be addressed during regular office hours.

Please be advised that any non-emergencies and unit issues not relating to the base building or the common property that are not the corporation’s responsibility as per the bylaws can be charged back to the unit owner with all associated costs.

Calling the after-hours line and looking for onsite support provides consent for the corporation to perform the subsequent repairs.

Also, management is not responsible for or has details on any homebuilder warranty within the unit. Should your unit still be under warranty of any kind, the unit owner is responsible for calling the appropriate party who is providing the warranty directly.

Emergency Services
(Fire, Police, and EMS)

Always dial 911 first in the event of a fire or a situation that requires the police or emergency medical response. After you have reached out to the appropriate emergency service provider, please call the Blue Jean emergency after-hours number to let us know of the situation.